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When The Going Gets Tough, Pause… But Don’t Quit!

Updated: May 10, 2021

“It’s normal to experience ups and downs when you’re working hard to achieve your goals.”-Dr.Orobosa Owie

When you’re dealing with tough challenges in your career and your personal life, it can be incredibly difficult to find resilience. As a career driven woman, you spend so much time pursuing the things that are important to you, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You might feel tempted to quit when things get tough, but consider just pausing to take a breath instead. Here’s how to deal when things get overwhelming — without giving up on your goals.

1. Find enriching forms of self-care

If you’re struggling with something important in your life, the first step is to take care of yourself and build your confidence back up. A good way to do this is by practicing forms of self-care that really enhance your life and bring you happiness and confidence. Pursuing your hobbies and interests can be a good form of self-care, as can taking care of your health and wellness. Think about what would make you feel energized again after a trying time, and schedule some time to do something for yourself.

2. Reassess your goals

Stopping to take a breather is often the best time to think about your goals and reassess whether they still make sense for you. The experiences that we have in life tend to shape our goals, and if you’ve gone through some trials lately, those experiences might change the way you feel about your personal growth. For example, you may have wanted a leadership role at work before, but upon reassessment, might find that you prefer doing creative work on your own instead of managing a team. In your personal life, you may have thought you wanted a traditional marriage, but life experiences may have you wanting to be single. Consistently reassessing your goals is one of the best ways to make sure you stay motivated and eventually find happiness.

3. Break down your goals into small parts

If you find that your goals or tasks are overwhelming you and you keep getting stuck, break them down into smaller pieces. Taking those small steps will slowly start to add up to progress and success. Write out your goals and then make lists of the steps you can take to achieve them. Be sure to reward yourself when you check something off your list — that small feeling of success will likely motivate you to work harder. Acknowledging the progress you’ve made can also help you build your confidence.

4. Learn new skills

Another great way to motivate yourself when you’re feeling stuck is to teach yourself new skills you have always wanted to learn. These could be skills to help your current career or skills that will help you expand into new fields in the future. Whether you’re taking a class or just teaching yourself through books and online resources, you’ll likely feel a new sense of motivation and accomplishment. When you expand your skills, it makes it easier to move into new roles at work or anywhere else in your life.

5. Talk to a mentor

Sometimes it helps to draw inspiration from people who have been in your position in the past. If you have a mentor already, now is the perfect time to reach out to them. If you don’t, it’s time to draw on your existing connections and start networking. Some expert guidance can help get you back on the right track.

It’s normal to experience ups and downs when you’re working hard to achieve your goals. If you’re feeling burnt out, take a step back to breathe, but don’t give up just yet. Now is the perfect time to work on yourself and your goals.


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