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Before Orobosa Owie became an established community leader known for her work in empowering emerging leaders to thrive in their careers, she had faced her fair share of obstacles to overcome. From losing her mother suddenly at the early age of fifteen to encountering numerous challenges on her management journey, Orobosa’s story is the perfect example of the amazing transformation that occurs when one lets go of their fears and believe in the power of their greatness. In her pursuit to make a difference in the young professional's community, Orobosa has spent the last 10 years building a professional development and empowerment brand that is aimed to teach emerging leaders to doctors how to operate in their most productive and authentic self. 

She is an executive trainer, professor, global speaker and author of her first book “Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You: A Motivational Guidebook in Shattering the Fear Ceiling”. As a former United Nations Youth leader, she created and hosted a series of programs and events that focused on providing the next generation of emerging leaders with the essential tools, resources and advice needed to succeed. Impressed by her impact within the NYC Young Professionals community, Orobosa was invited by President Obama to be a part of a round table discussion at the White House in 2010 to discuss the launch of the administration’s Young African Leaders Initiative and its Nelson Mandela Washington Fellowship. 

Brand Adviser

With a passion for leadership and personal development, Orobosa serves as a brand adviser to doctors and academic thought leaders.


As an educator, Orobosa teaches course in Healthcare Management, Leadership & Public Health Administration


With a mission to be a leading voice for change, Orobosa travels around the world serving as a guest lecturer and panel speaker.


As a firm advocate for youth development, her book "Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You" is motivational guide that empowers emerging leaders to let go of their fears and believe in the power of their greatness.

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Her Book

What is standing in the way of you living your best life? Is it fear, a lack of confidence or self-doubt? or… Are you allowing the stressors that arise from your fears to become your number one enemy of progress? Whether you answered yes or just not sure of what is holding you back from elevating to your best level, guess what you are not alone. For most people, fear, a lack of confidence and self-doubt are the leading factors that inhibit one from turning their life dreams and aspirations into a reality.

Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You is your answer and serves as a motivational self-help book. Orobosa shares her personal stories, inspirational quotes and offers readers practical advice on how to identify and overcome the core barriers that prevents them from becoming their best selves. She also uses the Seven Steps of Self-Mastery to guide readers on how to successfully embark on their own holistic journey to obtain personal and professional fulfillment.

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Orobosa Owie, MHA, DHA(c), is a author, executive trainer, professor and global speaker. With over 10+ years of experience in the management and community affairs industries, Orobosa has successfully taught over 100+ entry to c-suite leaders how to dynamically flourish and bloom in their careers. 

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