Written from a place of love, Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You is a motivational guidebook designed to empower women to overcome their fears and dream big as the golden keys to unlock their God-ordained purpose. Head over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and grab your copy today! 


I’m Dr. Orobosa Owie and I show women from all walks of life how to leverage their expertise and hone their genius. Now I gathered that you ended up here via my social media, seeing me speak, heard about me from a client, read my book, or heard my podcast. However, you may have stumbled upon my site do note, I am honored to have you here.


Personally, I don’t believe in the theory of luck, only divine appointments, and you are here for a reason. Whether you need to gain clarity about your life and business goals or ready to elevate into the best stages of your life, I’m here to help you.  

My only question to you…

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To Empower Women

through Entrepreneurship, Career Development, Leadership and Advocacy.

Created from the book


The Power of My Identity Podcast is a platform for women in the diaspora to learn how they can use their identity, cultural upbringing, and uniqueness as a tool to thrive in their careers, build businesses, live, love, and laugh all while navigating this crazy journey will call life. 

How does Orobosa do it?... Simple, by facilitating thought-provoking conversations with professionals, influencers, change agents, and local heroes from all around the world. Join Dr. Orobosa as she amplifies the voices of women in the diaspora, one episode at a time!

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