Be Bold

Be Confident

Be You!

Be Bold, Be Confident, Be You is a motivational self-help book in which Orobosa she shares her personal stories, inspirational quotes and offers readers practical advice and timely solutions on how to identify and overcome the core barriers that prevents them from becoming their best self. 


“Orobosa’s transparency to readers about the events that has occurred in her early life is an incredible and moving journey. Her words are filled with great candor, vulnerability coupled with strength.”

Debbie Ghamhker

“Orobosa is the true definition of a leader and people’s advocate. After reading her story, I am highly inspired by her journey and dedication to becoming a leading voice for the next generation.”

Nadia Blake

"After reading Orobosa’s story, I definitely can relate as young women who like Orobosa have faced many challenges in my lifetime. I am deeply inspired by her story and will continue to use her words of wisdom and strategies for shattering my fear ceiling as a tool to understand the importance of letting go of the things I cannot control and believing in the power of me.”

Rebecca Sanders


Orobosa Owie, MHA, DHA(c), is a author, executive trainer, professor and global speaker. With over 10+ years of experience in the management and community affairs industries, Orobosa has successfully taught over 100+ entry to c-suite leaders how to dynamically flourish and bloom in their careers. 

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